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Moving tips

Heavy Items

Moving is a big task, especially when moving heavy and bulky items, and it’s totally okay to turn to the pros like us for some helping hands. Having professional ms can help you stay on track and prioritize, in addition to assisting you in just getting the job done faster.


Packing can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you’ve been in your home for a long time. Putting your belongings into boxes is both an emotionally taxing and physically difficult task. With the right tools, though, you can make it easier.

Our team members have been gathering advice since we packed our first box several decades ago. Check out our tips, then get those boxes packed!

Small Items

Small items can take a ton of time to pack. A good tip is to pack now and sort later. Don’t worry about keeping like items together or having a “theme” for each box. Put things where they fit, even if it means packing the water glasses with the board games and the spare light bulbs with the contents of your filing cabinet. As long as everything is packed safely and securely, you can deal with sorting once you’re in your new home.


A tall dresser, filing cabinet or shelving unit is awkward to handle. Make it a two-person job. Tip the item backward at an angle and have one person carry the top while the other carries the bottom. This centers the weight and keeps the item from swinging out of control. Transporting the item up or down stairs is easier too, since the carrying angle will roughly match the slope of the stairs.

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