What Happens on the Moving Day?

What Happens on the Moving Day?

All set! Are you ready to move to your new Abode?

Have you got your moving crew schedule for packing up the belongings? What should you expect on a moving day?

Here is a brief outline of the proceedings to take place on a moving day:

Contact the Movers

The moving company sets a date for the commencement of the move. If you are ignorant about the timing of the move and arrival of the movers, don’t hesitate to call your moving company.

Written Inventory of the items

The company will combine a written inventory to ensure that each and every item reached the new place. Make sure to have a look at the inventory list and confirm it.

Packing of items

Packers will use different boxes to pack different items quickly. Your moving company will use packing boxes that are specially created with the aim of protecting your belongings.

Strategic move

The moving company will determine the best order to load the items in the moving truck strategically. If you are concerned about certain items, make sure to set them aside before the move.

Signing the moving estimate

With everything loaded, the moving crew will present you with a document outlining the moving estimate, the selected level of valuation and the expected delivery date. Make sure to read the document thoroughly and get your queries cleared prior to signing it.

Payment Mode

Pay up: Find out how the moving company wanted to be paid. Many movers operate on cash on the delivery process while others on credit card payment. If your company is paying for the move, make sure to check that paperwork is complete.

Final Cleaning of the house

Make sure to about the final cleaning of the house after the movers leave. You can even hire professional leaners to do the task for you.

Now you know what to expect on a moving day. If you are planning a move, you can call House N Box and confirm your estimate.

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