Do I Need A Pre-Move Survey?
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Do I Need A Pre-Move Survey?

Whether it is purchase of a house or finalizing the venue for a wedding, we always conduct a pre-move survey. It helps us to lay out a plan for a move.

The packers and movers determine what packing assistance will be required and if you need any third party services. During the pre-house survey, the hired movers assess the permission to use elevators or the lifts for moving the packed boxes.

Pre-move surveys determine the expected cost and the amount of space your belongings will occupy in the truck. Doing a visual assessment helps the moving companies to give an accurate estimate owing to the variation in belongings of every household. 

Do you prefer getting an online estimate? Well no!  You should be wary of it as that estimate is based solely on the number of rooms in your home.

Pre-Move surveys grant you the opportunity to clarify your doubts and ask questions like how your items will be packed, how you will manage the transfer of delicate items, how much time the relocation will take, etc.

 You need to do homework prior to booking an appointment for the pre-house survey. Make sure to acquaint the movers about the items that don’t require to be moved. If you have any items on a place other than your residence, be sure to let your counselor know about it.

If this is the first time you are planning to move, then it might be surprising and overwhelming for you to take everything into consideration seamlessly. Hiring expert Residential Movers Austin Texas will help you synchronize everything in order to experience a smooth and well- executed relocation.

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